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Fancy AF: 52 Recipes for the Ultimate Date Night

More than a cookbook.

Elevated date night dinners.

Paired cocktails.

Date ideas and activities.

Master the kitchen.

Get Fancy AF.

Each month includes one ultra-fun date night dinner from homemade dumplings to pizza.

"Cooking is like love.

It should be entered into with abandon or not at all."

— Julia Child

Couples who cook together not just stay together, but are healthier and happier.

Science proves it.

Elevate your date night with fifty-two new restaurant-quality recipes.

Wow your partner, and yourself, by learning new techniques in the kitchen. Cook en papillote, on sheet pan, and even in your Instant Pot, with recipes such as:

+ Bacon-Roasted Salmon and Leeks on Sheet Pan
Mahi-mahi with Rainbow Carrots en Papillote
Steak with Peaches and Arugula on Sheet Pan
+ Teriyaki Chicken Instant Pot
+ Halibut with Leeks and Mustard en Papillote
+ Roasted Chicken with Beets on Sheet Pan
+ Pork Chops and Brussels Sprouts on Sheet Pan
+ Oriental White Fish with Broccoli en Papillote
+ Pork, Apples, and Acorn Squash on Sheet Pan
+ Garlic French Chicken Instant Pot
+ Steak with Roasted Vegetables on Sheet Pan
+ Chicken with Fennel and Apricots on Sheet Pan

... and more!

Coming Late 2020


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